On my way down from 12th floor

Saturday morning, I woke up before eight. There were three degrees Celsius outside, seven inside of my flat. I put on my warm rope and went to the bath room. There was no water coming out of the tap. I remembered when, shortly after midnight coming back home, there was a floor full of water down in front of the elevators.

The light bulbs in the hallway
The water was coming out of the bottom flat from which I also heard a bang noise. I just smiled a bit and went up to my twelfth floor with one of the two elevators.

Initially, I wanted to run my washing machine at least twice and clean my dirty windows that day. I could not wash my laundry without water, so at least i started cleaning the windows. After first one was done, I dropped the window wiper down from twelfth floor. It seems that I drop things out of the windows very often. Once it happened to me with a screwdriver. Fortunately there aren't many people down on the street, just cars parking.

So cleaning the windows was also done. After half an hour I had nothing to do at home. I could go to my office at the university where I work. I put my shield hat on in order to cover my angry hair and without shower left the flat.

I was trying to call the elevator, but the electricity outside the flats didn't work. It was total dark everywhere, there are no windows and I had twelve floors to go.

I was counting the steps holding the walls around so I could be able to go more surely down through the next floors knowing in how many steps to expect the end. There were four stairs on one side, nine behind the elevators and again four on the other side. After three floors, I met my first neighbor. He was using the light from his cell phone, knocking on somebody's doors but nobody was answering. I could not be using my cell phone since it was it what woke me that morning trying to let me know that it is out of battery.

After next three floors, I met an elder lady with a walking stick coming slowly down step by step. I met her before, walking her little white dog. She used talking to it like to a human. I just saluted her and tried to go on. It was easy already. Four, nine, four. The lady had a flash light and she forced me to go in front of her. She said that I cannot go on without a light, that I can kill myself. Maybe she just didn't want to go alone and wanted to have somebody in front so when she falls I can catch her. And so I went with her, slowly stair by stair.

Two floors down, it was more vivid. A group of four people, yelling at each other, tried to open the elevator doors. I guess somebody got stuck inside. It could be very well me.

There are four flats on every floor and there are five light bulbs in front of the elevators. Every flat has a switcher to one of them and the last one has a switcher on the hall. The bulbs with their switchers inside of the flats could work since the electricity didn't work only on the halls. But none of the people realized that. They were using flash lights.

There I used the chance to get rid of the old lady with walking stick. She is nice, but I wanted to go faster. After twelve floors in darkness and several interactions with my neighbors I could finally see the light at the end of the stairs. I just had to cross the entrance hall full of water and was outside where a car of a local water supply station was already parked.

On my way to the university, it happened to me twice that a complete stranger was complaining to me about how cold it is. For the second time, I could not resist and started to laugh. A man just has to like Portuguese people. It's very interesting watching them how they solve problems.