He told us to go away from Portugal

A very good friend of mine, who used to live in Lisbon for almost two years, came back for four days. She was very happy and excited to be back, since she still didn't get used to the real life back home. I wonder if I'm going to feel like that too. We were visiting the old good places she liked so much.

We ended that day by seeing a good movie in a cinema we used to go to. It is a cinema with little rooms and big seats. They call it VIP rooms. Everything was fine, movie was great and touching.

Only one thing was terribly disturbing. A Portuguese guy who ate popcorn. I also ate popcorn, it's my favorite food and cannot imagine watching a movie without it. But when I eat it I respect the others around and make as little noise as possible, taking the popcorn from top and not chewing it when there is complete silence.

He was sitting next to my friend and doing exactly the opposite. He was picking the popcorn from bottom of the basket like he lost something in it and trying to find it. It was really disturbing and specially for her who was sitting right next to him. She tried to shush him politely, but he ignored her. The scene in the film was a critical one and she could not even hear what they were saying because of him. She tried prolonged shush again but it seemed hopeless. After all, she told him directly, though in English, not to do it explaining that she cannot hear the conversation because of it.

She actually forced him to react, since he was ignoring her before. His reaction was typical for this kind of people. Though it helped and he stopped doing that, he told her to go home, meaning to leave Portugal.

I believe he didn't even realize that eating popcorn is possible without doing that kind of noise, so he couldn't understand her complain. But I think it's too much to send a foreigner to go home.

Although, at the end of her visit she was saying how everybody is nice here and how she loved this country. But when a person is in love, he tends to listen to his heart only. One may overlook the bad parts in relation to the good ones then.