How to take care of an elderly person who fainted?

As every morning, I was on my way to the university. The bus I took was half empty. I was minding my own business reading a book, when I noticed that the movement of the people around was suddenly more intense. There was a lady who fainted. She could be over 50 years old.

Two guys approached her right away and helped her up on the nearest seat. She gained consciousness quickly but was obviously disoriented. They asked her something and she answered with delay and only by nodding her head.

After stopping the bus on the next bus stop, the driver was watching it in mirror and when he saw that the people had it under control he drove on. On the next stop, the door opened and the two guys took out the poor lady holding her arms, to get some fresh air. They seated her on a bench. And something surprising followed.

They turned back and hopped back into the bus. The door closed and we were off leaving the lady behind, the elderly lady who was disoriented and therefore needed a medical assistance.

If I knew what they were going to do, I would get off with them and call an ambulance, go to the nearest cafeteria and bring her a glass of water. Well, at least that was what I thought was necessary to do in these kinds of situations. Now, I am not sure.