Slovak-Hungarian conflict (not only) on YouTube

Since I am Slovak living abroad for over five years now, in nostalgic times I feel the need to read or watch something, preferably nice, about Slovakia. For this reason I watched some, to my native country related, videos on YouTube. I have been shocked reading the comments, though.

A war is going on there between Slovaks and Hungarians. In short, Slovaks donít like that the South of their country is full of Slovaks who donít know how to speak Slovak properly. They say itís like being in Hungary down there. I donít mind, though. Itís their call to live the way they like. I donít exactly understand what Hungarians have against Slovaks, but they seem to call us being fascistic. It's simply not important what the conflict is about.

So, I replied to one of the Hungarian comments under the Slovak video, saying that I have been in his country more times and I have found Hungary and Hungarian people nice and that it made me very sad reading his words. The guy answered that we also wrote similar comments under Hungary related videos. I asked him not to be as stupid as everyone else and tried to see the Slovak comments under videos about his country. Although it wasnít so intense and mostly it was coming from Romanians, I wrote a lovely comment about greeting our Hungarian brothers from Slovakia and hope that one day we can all live in peace without the haters and the stupid politicians supporting them.

I have got three nice answers thanking me for writing it, along with one private message with these exact words: ĎSlovak idiot! Slovakia still a fascist state!!! The slovaks are the most antisemitic and antihuman of all!í It is a strong one, but Slovaks with their comments are not nicer either.

There are some issues our countries carry from the past. We probably both harmed each other in different ways. But still, I donít understand why we should live in past and hate someone only for his nationality and what our ancestors have done. Thatís utterly stupid and low. Shouldnít we accept each other for who we are now? I feel to be too old for discovering that the world is full of people with nothing more important to waste their energy on.


As usual, Milan, you are right. Becoming wise takes time... You are helping us all to get there sooner. Thanks


I am a Hungarian, and I think the whole conflict is juuust outragous. As a Hungarian, I DO NOT THINK BAD OF SLOVAKS, AND THEY ARE DEFFINITELY NOT FASCISTS... I MEAN HOONESTLY, COME ON! On behalf of that idiot im sorry...

Milan Toma:
aw, Danny, that's very nice of you. thank you very much.


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