Sunrise over Vasco da Gama bridge

I planned to photograph the Vasco da Gama bridge during sunrise long time ago. At last, today morning I woke up at half past four, sat on a bicycle and after forty minutes was already standing at the place under the light of a street lamp.

Some of the Lisbon's roads are so bad for driving a bicycle, that, while pedaling, my front light fell down from the bar. Now, although it doesn't function anymore, it rattles nicely. I hadn't planned the timing that well and as a consequence I had to be waiting there for the sunrise sitting on a street bench. Of course it was better to come earlier than later. On the way there I had seen several lovely couples petting each other and one junkie who was probably also awaiting my sunrise.

After I came back to collect my stuff I had encountered this water wall that was carelessly keeping me out of my bicycle. It was a small shower for my legs before going back home.