Magical situation I have witnessed

Now, that I have more time, waiting for the defence of my thesis, I walk to my office eight kilometres in the morning and another eight back in the evening. It takes me an hour and a half to get there, but I enjoy it, thinking about many things.

One day, in the morning, I heard the characteristic noise of a single gull nearby. I looked to see where it came from and what I saw surprised me. The gull was raiding over some kind of bird of prey that was sitting calmly on an antenna at the top of the building.

I stopped and watched it all more carefully. Later I have discovered that the gull was actually doing that only when a group of pigeons was flying close to the bird of prey.

Now, why would the gull be doing that? Did it try to warn the pigeons? I can only guess about its reasons, but nevertheless it was everything somehow magical. The self-confident bird of prey was sitting there not at all bothered by the gull flying closely over its head and the heroic gull itself was magical too.

I tried to think with which of the three elements I would identify myself most. Am I more like the bird of prey, the gull or the pigeons? I definitely ruled out the pigeons, but I couldn’t decide between the calm and confident bird of prey and the heroic gull.



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