I had a dream

Well, naturally, I had a lot of dreams in my life and I usually didn’t talk about them, but this one was hilarious, so I had to write it down. I hope I am not the only one who finds it funny.

I was at my friend’s place sitting in his living room. He and his girlfriend were in the kitchen preparing something to eat. I was bored there alone, so I wanted to join them. On my way there, I bumped into the corner of the table in the living room and hit my balls hard.

I fell on the floor in a terrible pain, rolling and screaming, holding my crutch. My hosts hurried toward me to see what happened. They were scared and worried about me, not knowing what happened to me, so I tried to calm them down, saying, still in pain rolling on the floor squeezing my member: ‘It’s ok, no big deal, I can function with only eight of them.’

My friend looked surprised and asked: ‘Eight? What are you talking about?’ I answered: ‘Ah, you are right. I’ve got confused with a cat having nine lives.’ Then I came to the realization of my condition and I said in despair: ‘Oh, no, I only had two of them!!!’

My friend started to laugh a lot and I joined him, too. I laughed out loud still in sleep and was laughing so much that it actually woke me up. Even being awake, I found it so funny I continued laughing for a while.

After that, I couldn’t sleep anymore, it was like the opposite of nightmare. So I had to turn on the light and read my ‘Robinson Crusoe’ book to make me fall asleep again.


Alcino Legumes:
Funny dreams you have, mate! :)

Milan Toma:
Thanks Alcino, my hope was fulfilled.

Milan, u are as wonderful a writer as you are a person! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures! I was laughing out loud!

Milan Toma:
thanks Chris, you are very kind.


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