Emergency call

I had a heatstroke with fever of nearly 40 ░C (104 ░F). When it reached this level at two o'clock in the morning, I decided to dial european emergency number 112. Since body temperatures above 40 are life-threatening, I just didn't want to risk the fever to rise any more, at 41 ░C (106 ░F) brain death begins.

And this was our dialogue:

Me: Bonsoir. Excusez-moi mais je ne parle pas franšais, parlez vou anglais?
Operator: No.
Me: Okay then, is there anyone who speaks English?
Operator: No.
Me: Well. Merci?
Operator hung up.

Isn't that amazing? I helped myself, but one could be followed by a seriel killer in France and they just let them be killed. Is it so difficult to have there one English speaking person who would be getting all the calls from foreigners? I would really love to know how this is taken care of in the other non-English speaking EU countries. Aren't we supposed to be united?


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