My stolen underwear

I have a routine I do every single day. I wake up, walk to the mirror to check if I am still handsome, go to the bathroom to take a whiz, return back to the room, take the shorts off, throw them on the bed next to the pillow and put on the proper underwear and jeans.

While visiting my mom in Austria I bought a couple of boxer shorts there. When I returned to France I decided that I will be using one of them as pyjamas.

I specifically remember throwing the boxers on the bed that day. I admired how nicely they flew. The trajectory of flying boxers can differ very much and to throw them in proper way can be very tricky. Especially early in the morning shortly after being interrupted from dreaming about ruling the world.

So, I go off to work and when I return back home, I notice that the cleaning lady was there. She moved the table. Usually I don't notice anything cleaner, but the things move a little. Well, she comes once a weak and cleans only when the room is visibly dirty, so I am forced leaving it that way. If she wasn't included in the rent I would be tidying up my room regularly. Most of the times I can't hold it back anyway.

The point is, I noticed soon after that my boxer shorts are not in the place I left them. I looked around and they were nowhere in the room. The conclusion was obvious, the cleaning lady took them. Well, they were nice, very stylish, but what the heck? I looked good in them, I liked them. Is she going to look good in my boxers, what does she need them for? Well, I just presume it's female, I never met that person.

In Lisbon, I used to have a cleaning lady who also washed my clothes. First it was strange leaving her my dirty underwear to wash, but once I met her and she was nice fat Indian lady with red dot between her eyebrows and it wasn't so strange anymore. I didn't want to think of the possibilities she could be doing with my underwear besides washing, but they always came back nice and clean and that was what counted. She was too nice to be doing anything scary anyway.

Now, it's pretty disturbing thought that someone out there is wearing or whatever doing with my, possibly still unwashed, underwear.


hehehe well Milan.. it looks like you have a secret admireer.. in some Southern states here.. She would have to marry YOU!!!:)

Milan Toma:
ok; i must confess now, that i have found the shorts. the table was obviously not the only thing she moved with. they were under the bed, so when she moved the bed, they fell on the floor next to the wall.

however, the story includes several other aspects (morning routine, indian lady), so i decided to keep it on my blog with this comment...


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