One of my trips, related to my current project, was to Germany. I was to see an accident analyst and study some real accident scenarios involving motorcyclists. Mostly sad stuff. It's amazing that in most of the cases the helmet gets off of the head during the accident.

According to the German analyst it could be because people just didn't fasten the chin strap enough. People, I know that it is more comfortable if it is a little loose, but just forget about the comfort for a while, feel safer instead.

At the airport in France, waiting for boarding, I wanted to buy some breakfast. I queued up in long queue and it was almost my turn when I heard my name in the amplifiers telling me to get to the information desk. So I abandoned my position in the queue and went to ask about it, just to discover that it wasn't me. Then I returned and waited again in queue even longer than before.

In Berlin, at the airport, I was surprised that, even though inside of the Schengen zone, they were checking people's id's and luggage. They didn't check any of those in my case, though. They were stopping mostly non-European looking people.

I feared it could be difficult to find there the bus to train station. But I knew one could rely on Germans, it was all very well marked. I followed the signs, found the bus stop, the bus arrived soon after, got in, and off I was on my way to Berlin.

At the train station I wanted to buy the ticket to Ebendorf where my hotel was. But the lady behind the counter discovered that actually there is no train station there. I had printed some connection to Ebendorf back in France, so I showed it to her, but after all it was for buses only, which I failed to notice.

I bought a ticket to Magdeburg then, the train was leaving in five minutes. There, one hour later, I easily found the bus station right next to the train station and the bus to Ebendorf was to go in half an hour so I bought something to eat. The bus driver was a nice woman who knew where my hotel was and let me get off right next to it.

It was Sunday in the afternoon. No one was at the reception, only sign next to the phone saying to call 88. I called, but no one picked up. I was waiting for couple of minutes and an elder lady showed up and gave me the keys.

The week was interesting. I was there with one other guy from the project who arrived there by car from Czech Republic. He is Portuguese, let's call him Pedro. Well, that's his real name anyway.

In one of the afternoons we went to Magdeburg to visit the tourist office. They gave us some fliers. We got most interested in Wasserstraßenkreuz, the intersection of river and canal. The canal, the artificial waterway, is crossing the Elbe river on top of it. It is basically a bridge filled with water. When you go by car under the bridge, the GPS shows your position in the canal. Pedro shot the vid, obviously.

Download the Flash Player to see the video.

I am usually not easily impressed, but it did make me happy that I have seen the place.


this is so cute!!! to see the brilliant scientist dancing around like a school boy! All your adventures are fascinating!!!

Milan Toma:
thank you Chris, I do wish to be a brilliant scientist one day :) and for that I need to remain a curious boy...

"To stay being" = > To remain a curious boy. 25

Milan Toma:
ok, Frenchie, corrected. thanks a lot :)
to explain for public: 25 is our inside joke.

Jumping like that isn't normal. Madness! Go and see the doctor, Milan Toma! >: ]

Milan Toma:
:o) good one, Frenchie.



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