Paris vs. Lisbon

I realize that comparing two cities like that is not correct. I could be accused of generalizing. But of course there are always some exceptions to everything, that goes without saying. I am going to talk about the average people and situations. Although, in my five years and seven months in Lisbon, the city has changed.

I haven't been stepping in the dog shits as often by the end. Nevertheless, I hope the people of Lisbon won't get angry with me if I say that Paris is still cleaner, less destroyed and more organized. Although, the public buses in Paris seem to be as unreliable as in Lisbon, specially by the end of the day and the strikes, that French like so much, are not helping either.

In general, I feel better in Paris. I am sorry, Lisbon, I tried hard. But Lisbon was my first city abroad and perhaps it was just harder when I was younger and less experienced.

There is one thing Paris will never have, though. The ocean is not as easily accessible. In Lisbon, I used to take a train to the north and be on a beach reading a book in half an hour. Or I took a bus to the south and could be hiking on the cliffs of Setubal peninsula. Those were beautiful times.

I say Paris is more organized, but somehow it doesn't apply for getting in and off of the trains. The people trying to get in block the entrance and the people trying to get off must fight their way out. And I noticed that even Parisians didn't like it. One guy just bumped to a lady blocking his way out and she started yelling at him. Well, maybe he was a foreigner.

One other thing I liked in Lisbon more, when they opened one more cash counter at the grocery stores, the cashier always warned people to queue up in the same order as they were standing before in their previous longer queues. Here, the cashier doesn't care and people from the end of the queues literally run to be the first ones there.

Another difference I have noticed, the men's behaviour in the changing room in a gym. I am going to go as far as to call these two cities the opposite extremes. In Lisbon, the men were too free, you could notice two hairy potbellied men just standing there naked and chatting together. I used to have nightmares after. Here in Paris they are too closed, changing the underwear with towels around their waists. Lisbon's gyms have open showers, in Paris they are all closed stalls. People even go to sauna in underwear in Paris. One guy was in a dry sauna dressed in shorts and t-shirt.

And it is not about the gyms only. It is almost rare to find here public toilets with urinals, at the malls for example. The toilets have stalls only. Are French men shy or something? I like urinals, it's easier and more hygienic, although some tend to overestimate the length of their phalluses, stand too far and then pee all over the floor.


hehe Hey Doctor... you are getting a bit racy in your stories!! :) keep it up! A nice comparison of unique experiences in two very different cities. And certainly not the usual comparisons!! Always interesting reading. Thanks

Milan Toma:
heh, i had to look up what racy means. so i am being 'slightly shocking' in my stories hehe. ok, i'll keep it up. thanks chris for nice comment, again. you are my most dedicated reader :o)


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