Looking for a Post-Doc all around the globe

So far, I have been going twice through the process of looking for a Post-Doc position. Although I have been mostly focused on the world of biomechanics, some of the links provided here are useful in general for the field of your choice. If you know about any other useful link of this kind, please, leave a comment.

1: BIOMCH-L www.Biomch-L.org
Very good one in the wide field of biomechanics, almost every day a new position is announced. Subscribe by e-mail.

2: EURAXESS Jobs ec.europa.eu/euraxess
For EU research jobs, funding opportunities and fellowships. Register and add new search agent to receive the e-mails with new announcements.

3: Academic Keys www.academickeys.com
Register, fill your profile with at least one field of your choice and set to receive the monthly e-flier.

4: Scholarship Net www.scholarshipnet.info
It is mostly for MSc and PhD positions. Subscribe by e-mail.

5: BMEnet-list engineering.purdue.edu/ECN/mailman/listinfo/bmenet-list
Again biomechanics, but the positions there are mostly for non-EU world (USA/Canada). Subscribe by e-mail.

6: Find a Post-Doc www.findapostdoc.com
Widely known, for PhD opportunities, Post-Doc and University jobs. Subscribe by e-mail.

7: Post-Doc Jobs www.postdocjobs.com
Register and set the job agent choosing your field under the category of Post-Doc positions.

There are other ways, of course. The second time I managed to find a position I had just sent an e-mail to a guy at the institution I was interested in. He forwarded the e-mail to another guy and he discussed my CV with a third person who then called me, investigated me a little and offered me the position at another institution I wasn’t even looking at, but I was lucky and happy to get there.

Don’t be frustrated if you apply for a position and they won’t even acknowledge your application. In many countries it seems to be a common practice if they are not interested. They probably have too many of them. I have heard that in some places they even formally announce a position but in reality they just follow the prescribed procedure even though they already have a winner for the position which was actually created for him/her.

If it is the first time you are looking for a Post-Doc, I suggest to start doing that around 6 months before the end of your current contract, one year is already too much. And sock away some money, can happen that one stays without income for a while when between two positions and moving to another country can be costly too.

Other, but not in the world of biomechanics, links can include:

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation www.coca-colascholars.org
The Green Home Improvement Scholarship www.homeadvisor.com
National Hispanic Health Foundation Scholarship Program www.nhmafoundation.org
College Scholarships and Grants Available for Veterans www.usnewsuniversitydirectory.com
National Black Nurses Association, Inc. Scholarship Program www.nbna.org
Tylenol Future Care Scholarship www.tylenol.com
The Rover College Scholarship www.rover.com
Shutterfly Scholars | Computer Science Scholarship www.shutterfly.com
(feel free to add more in the discussion section)


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