The last weekend in France

The weather was cold, cloudy with drizzle when I arrived to Vannes on Saturday. I checked in at my hotel and went out to explore the city. During the afternoon I crisscrossed the whole city center twice. Although I enjoyed the walk along the river, I decided to check if it was possible to change my train ticket for earlier departure on Sunday.

I was a little disappointed. One day even with the trip there and back would be enough. But it would cost me almost 20 Ä to change the ticket and I had nothing to do back in Paris anyway.

The next day morning I asked at the reception, while checking out, about some buses going somewhere next to the ocean. They told me it would be difficult since it was Sunday. I decided to walk and reach the half island Conleau in gulf Morbihan which didnít seem to be that far.

I breakfasted in the city port and started walking after. One hour later I reached my goal. I hoped to swim in the ocean, but it looked impossible there. It wasnít nice area for swimming. I discovered there, though, that a boat was going from there to some island called Arz. The flier said something about 20 Ä, but I decided to go anyway. I love islands. The weekend started to look better, even the weather was shiny and I had to remove my coat.

On the board of the boat, they asked 7.5 for the return ticket. I didnít complain. But I did complain when the batteries in my camera went dead. I wanted to bring along my second set but I couldn't find it back in Paris. I tried to buy some batteries on the island. I entered the restaurant there and asked if it was possible to buy some somewhere. It wasnít, so cell phone camera took the charge.

I asked them if they had some map of the island and the waiter understood that I wanted a menu. Well, I wanted to eat anyway and I already saved 12.5 on the boat, so it was almost free. There was a stand nearby with bicycles for rent, but there was no one to serve me by the time I finished my salmon with mussels. So I went by foot around the island. The map, the waiter gave me later when I asked again, said that it should take less than two hours.

It was really nice tour. I was looking for a place to swim, but it was a low tide and mud was everywhere and when I found a nice beach to enter the water there were people there and none of them was in their swimwear. I didn't understand why and I didn't want to be the only one to swim, so off I went to find some abandoned place where I wouldn't have to feel strange entering the water. Especially because besides my underwear I didn't have anything to swim in.

I found it not far away. It was under a small cliff. I left my laptop and one smaller bag with spare clothes on top of it, climbed down, stripped naked and jumped to the water. I understood why no one was swimming. I stayed in only couple of minutes, the water was freezing. As a proper narcissist I didnít forget to photograph myself topless. Most of the year in Paris I was regularly visiting a gym, compliments in your comments are expected.

After another hour of walking I managed to come back to the place where I started my tour around the whole island. I had one more hour to the departure of my boat so I rented a kayak and tried to physically exhaust myself. I returned with my jeans wet from knees down.

Back in the Conleau I noticed a bunch of people waiting at the bus station. I joined them and took the bus to the train station in Vannes. Shortly after 11 pm I arrived to Paris. I was happy that the change of the ticket would cost me 20 Ä and made me stay. It was a great Sunday, one of my best weekends in France. Next time I wonít try to give up so fast, one step leads to another and one just needs to act upon the opportunities that present themselves.

These are from the cell phone:


Every day for you is an adventure. Every story for us is an adventure. Keep writing! It is one of your gifts!

Very atmospheric pictures. And you look wonderful, comme d'abitude.

Milan Toma:
:o) thanks sue, i will pretend i didn't request the compliment...

Milan, I wish you all well in your new scientific and live experience :)
Hope I could visit you for some weeks there.


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