Shinjuku skyscrapers and a cemetery on my way home

My aunt's husband likes skyscrapers and she asked me to photograph some for him. So I have googled a little and discovered the Nishi-Shinjuku skyscraper business district in Tokyo. I bicycled to the subway station in my area, locked the bike outside and rode the train to the Nishi-Shinjuku subway station.

After I made enough pics from the bottom I wished to go up to one of the skyscrapers. One advertised a restaurant on top, but I couldn't find an open entrance to the building. I tried another skyscraper and succeeded to enter and ride an elevator to the top floor. I felt in my ears the pressure change during the lift up and even a few more minutes after. The elevator was very fast, 53 floors in very little time, I would guess it wasn't more than one minute.

On the top floor were restaurants and not at all expensive ones. The one I had lunch in had the most expensive menu for 3200 ¥, which as of today is 24 €. That in Paris was a price for lunch menu in every other restaurant with no view. It included slices of dry-cured ham with vegetables as the starter, corn soup, nice piece of beef with fried potatoes and rice, ice-tea and a desert and all of that with excellent service. They brought the bill together with the desert, so when I finished eating I put the money on top of the bill and was going to leave. When next to the exit, there was the cashier and they wanted me to pay there, I told them I left the money on the table, I wanted to return for them, but the waiter took care of it.

Tokyo has these urban-dwelling jungle crows. They are kind of scary actually, the European crows are smaller and rarer in the cities. The one in the last photo was eating a pigeon right in middle of the road and pretty aggressively, the pigeon's feathers were flying all around.

I rode the subway back, picked up my bicycle and since it still was too early to go home I decided to get lost again. I rode the bike somewhere unknown and noticed an entrance to something that looked like a garden. I parked the bicycle and went to explore it. It looked like some temple to me at first, but later I learned that actually it was a cemetery.


De superbes photos, je préfère ces dernières à celles du port bétonné, ça donne vraiment envie de découvrir ce pays.

Merci de nous faire partager.

Milan Toma:
typical French :) but thanks for nice comment...


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