How I had to steal a boat

The weather didn't look that good at first, but then they forecast cloudy only. So I woke up on Saturday morning at 5 am to catch the 6 am train to Miura-shi 73 km from Tokyo. Everyone in the train was asleep. I tried it too, but couldn't fall asleep again, Japanese seem to have mastered sleeping in public transportations.

I headed to the west after I got off of the train. I had planned the trip before according to the satellite images from google maps. I had been walking on roads surrounded by fields and got to see the Japanese countryside for the fist time. From the surrounding trees I had heard birds singing, it was a kind I had never heard before. Then suddenly the ocean appeared in front of me and a beach with black sand surprised me. I never even suspected that there could be a beach with black sand. Every few meters there were local people taking care of their fishing nets from inside of their boats lying on the sand. Sometimes there was a cat sitting next to them waiting for forgotten smaller fish the people found in there. I wanted to take a photo of them, but I didn't have the courage to ask at first. Later I just couldn't resist, though.

This was my route:

Initially I planned on walking along the water. After a while, there was one place where I had to return and go around. It just wasn't possible everywhere. But I did manage to pass a quite long distance like this. At one place I had to be crossing dense vegetation with a lot of spider webs with theirs owners right in middle of them. I had reached like this a white house built on a place accessible only through water. No one should be as crazy as going the way I did. I did wanted to go on through the bush but the vegetation there was even denser. I also didn't feel like going back, the distance was too long and I had enough of the spider webs already. Moreover, I had found two ticks crawling down on my shirt.

It was in a bay so I could see easily on the other side over the water where I was trying to get. I didn't know what to do, so I just sat down and let the solution to present itself. At first I thought that I could be waving to the people on the other side to let them know that I needed their help. Then I got an idea to place my things in some container and swim there with the things floating on the water in it. But I couldn't find anything like that around. I waited there for a while for someone to go around so I could ask them to give me a lift, but only one guy in single kayak happened to show up. This is how it looked like there:

The white house was my prison I needed to get from. The place I have made the photo from was were I was trying to get. Those yachts there were anchored in middle of the water so when someone wanted to get out on one of them they had to row there with a small boat and tied it to their buoy instead of the yacht. Not very far away I saw a boat like that with the oars inside. I changed to my swim wear, put the clothes to my bag which I left behind next to the house, entered the water, swam to the boat, untied it, rowed back to the house to pick up my bag, rowed farther to the other side of the bay, took the bag out and placed it under the trees, rowed back to the buoy, tied up the boat to it and swam to the shore where I left my things. The boat was tied up before using some special sailing knots which I didn't feel like memorizing to repeat them later so I guess the people from the yacht had an interesting conversation about who was it to tied it in such a way.

While rowing back to the buoy I was thinking that it could be rather unpleasant situation was I robbed of my bag meantime and had to deal with it so far away from Tokyo in my swim wear only. I dried myself on the shore and put on my clothes. One of the kayakers from the group understood what I was doing all the time and started to laugh loud out. He was very chatty even though we didn't understand each other, but after using hands and legs he got to understand where I came from and where exactly it was. Then he rowed back to his group to tell them about me laughing.

The rest of the trip I didn't insist on going along the water anymore. I been crossing the town often using the compass to figure out the directions when I wasn't sure about the road I was walking on. I reached a small island in the south. There was a beautiful place with a lighthouse in its eastern side. I photographed it and went away.

Then I only walked on the paved roads and it was quite boring. The trip I wanted to do would require two days. I did have my sleeping bag with me but I didn't feel like spending the night. It was supposed to be raining over the next day. I tried to do it all, but my knees didn't like it. In one small village I didn't resist to a bus stop saying that a bus was about to come in half an hour.


Nice trip and story :)

Wow! Sounds like you had a really exciting adventure! :) But I have to admit that thick vegetation, ticks and spiders would have been a bit too much for me...

Milan Toma:
hehe, of course Pekka, i wouldn't go that way have i had you there with me...

I'm a japanese postdoc living in Paris. Pekka told me about this Blog.
Incredible trip! For next, if you like ocean and mountain, Kamakura would be quite interesting.The big buddha are wating for you!

Milan Toma:
ah really? that's great, thanks ParisSamurai for the advice, it's greatly appreciated.


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