Tokyo Dome City Roller Coaster

I live in Bunkyo-ku not far from a baseball stadium and a Tokyo Dome City with a department store, a spa and several fun attractions. One of them is a big roller coaster. I wanted to ride it the first time I saw it, but I didn't feel like doing it alone. Today I finally got the chance to go there with a friend Hideyuki.

After half an hour of waiting in a queue, during which everyone had to empty their pockets, it was our turn to get in. We got to sit in the second row of the first car. It moved forward and with excitement I showed the thumb up to the camera. But at the moment I didn't know what was ahead of me. We slowly climbed up to the first peak, then it started falling down and it was, well, unexpected.

I saw people riding a roller coaster in the movies before and I would never say that I might get scared there. But when we were falling down I was so surprised and scared that I was completely silenced. The others were screaming, but I didn't make any noise at all. I didn't expect something like that. After a few more of those horrible curves and peaks I remembered how to breath and managed to scream a little too. I live like ten minutes walking distance from there, but I hear the people screaming even there.

The air resistance even unbuttoned my shirt. I do look very scared on the photo, but the fear was based mainly on the surprise. I didn't expect it to be so extreme and Hideyuki told me that he knows a coaster even bigger and more extreme not far from Tokyo. Looking forward to that one.


Looks like everyone had a great time! Nice to see even a genius can loosen his shirt buttons sometimes! Great job of mixing the photos... very nice effect!

Milan Toma:
hehe, the genius thing again? i didn't mix the photos, i've got it that way. that's part of the attraction. well, if you pay for it ;)

but yeah, i had very good time.

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