Making of Mochi (餅)

Was passing around some people cooking something funny on the street. The first two groups were looking at me like they wanted to offer me some, but I was riding my bicycle and they didn't say anything, just smiled at me politely. Later that day I met third group and this time they flagged me down and offered me their Mochi.

I didn't really enjoy the food, I seem to be very picky though. What I enjoyed was the way they were making it. It was some special kind of rice and they kept beating it with big plastic hammer. I was making pictures and they told me to try. So I took the hammer, listened to the instructions and they were even eager to take pictures of me beating the substance. The firefighter spoke some English. I was really excited to experience something like that.

I wasn't the only young man they stopped, offered them to taste and then made them work. Later I realized that it was a group of elder Japanese men who tricked the younger ones walking around to work for them. But I did enjoy it, it's always fun to experience something new.


That is SO CUTE! I wonder if the old men knew they had just tricked a genius??? hmmmm who is the smarter one there????????? ps. LOVE your haircut!


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