Sword Fight

I used to tell people, who saw my scar, that I had been in a sword fight. For some reason they didn't believe me. So eventually I did tell them the truth, I had fallen from my bicycle riding it to work. Well, sword fight just sounded cooler to me. It happened when taking a different route than usual...

...and the novelty of the surroundings just took all of my attention. Sadly, I must admit that it was all my fault. Or maybe not, depends, you tell me, is it my fault that the animal clinic had this cute picture of a dog there and I stopped paying attention to the road? Was it my fault that just there and only there the road railings had to be nasty sharp? So yeah, I hit it and fell right on top of it with my abdomen, where the lower ribs are, and slided on it a little.

It hurt of course, I was sitting there holding my chest/abdomen, checking my wounds and I expected some people at least to ask me if I was okay. But nobody almost even looked at me. When something similar happened to my Japanese colleague later, sprained his ankle after falling from somewhere, I asked him how the people around reacted, and he told me the same, nobody cared. So at least I can't say that they didn't offer any help because I was a foreigner. Similar thing happened to me in Lisbon and also nobody tried to help. Maybe it's about the capital cities?

Anyway, here is a cool pic from water-skiing couple weeks later.

The wound wasn't so bad as it looks though. It was just a scratch actually. But the bones hurt, couldn't sleep well. Got my chest x-rayed, but the doctor couldn't see anything attention worthy. The pain was getting worse for couple of weeks, then better.



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