Movie presentation of my PhD research

It is three months now after I have submitted my thesis and it's going to take much more to actually defend the thesis. I think the process lasts too long, since meantime I am without income, but at least I have time for doing things like creating the movie with the presentation of my PhD work.

I have split the entire presentation into two parts. The first one is about the theory and most people will find it boring. Even my voice is boring there. The second one is about the experiments and one doesn't have to understand how it was created to appreciate the animations I am talking about.

Every slide has a number in bottom left corner saying on which page of my thesis you can find the thing depicted by the slide. The quality is not very agreeable, but this is Internet and I have to watch my bandwidth. You can use the button to watch it full screen. Ah, and let me know what you think of my accent.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.


Alcino Legumes:
At first I found your voice a bit monotonic, but then (specially in the second) I found it much better. Must have been a lot of work... congrats. I admit I didn't watch the whole thing.

Milan Toma:
to Alcino: I guess I wouldn't expect from anyone to watch it all hehe. Thanks for the comment.

I watched it all. I am SO IMPRESSED!! I have never been this close to genius before. Congratulations. P.S. I find your voice very soothing, you are easy to understand, and your accent is actually very pretty!

Milan Toma:
well, Chris, thank you so much, but if somebody is a genius here, it's my supervisor.

great work !! however, is there any way to break it down to the people who donot know about the math? hehe

Milan Toma:
simple, just ignore it :)


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